Does your Child know when the bus will arrive?

Do you wonder if your child got on and off the bus?

No need to worry anymore, we are trialling our

Neales Bus Apps

to do just that!

We are pleased to offer a limited trial of our Apps to Parents and Children. What you can do initially:

  • Children can track exactly where the Bus is on a map
  • Parents can see in real time when your child was picked up or dropped off at school

During this time we will be taking your feedback on what we have so far, we will add more functionality. Once the trial period is complete and we have ironed out all the chinks, we’ll be rolling this out across all our routes.

If you want to take part in the trial, then please fill in the form below:

What happens next?

Upon successful registration – we will send you and your Child a text (SMS) message with:

  • Your Username and Password for the app
  • A download link for Google (Icon & link to app) or Apple App (Icon & link to app). Or you can access the Apps here by clicking the icons

How to use the App?

After downloading the App, sign in with your Username and Password. Notifications will appear on the Home Screen. Should you have any questions, then please leave your feedback on the Google Play Store App page. Follow this link: